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Hello World Once Again

It’s been a long overdue. But finally I decided to get back to the place where I sued to write as soon as I stumble upon something interesting or something challenging.

During my early days in my career, I used to write a lot. I used to write about the tech topics that I found fascinating. For instance, content of my topics used to be like “how to format a PC ?”, “how can you customize your linux distro?”, “tips and tricks in Windows XP”, etc. But as I grew more, this beautiful habit grew less. Of course, because of more work, more pressure but mostly because of less motivations and more laziness.

Anyway, now I am trying to pull myself together. Just to give heads up, in coming days, I will be writing about different technical topics ranging from beginner to research oriented, probably some career tips for the absolute beginners and maybe some of my own boring philosophies.

It’s time to reset --HARD. See you in the next blog

Thanks for reading!